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What is behind GLE Dickens & My expectations

Has anyone wondered how and why this project was created? Here’s the answer!

2 thoughts on “What is behind GLE Dickens & My expectations”

  • I agree with you on so many things in this post. I have a quotation in my head , but sadly I can’t remember its author:
    “Language is the house in which the human spirit lives.”
    Strange as it may seem, I am not a Dickens fan. In my youth I developed an aversion to the 19th century, an swkward admission for a student of history. I found Dickensian stories and characters to be dismal and dark. As I have matured, my aversion has been somewhat diluted. 😊
    I share yoir love of, if not your skills, in language. I enjoy writing in my own language, and have enjoyed dabbling with foreign languages. I wish thst I had greater expectations in my school days, and had specialised more in learning languages. I think that an interest in and love of language makes it more enjoyable when one tries to learn a foreugn language.
    I watch your vlog, and I am inspired to try to do something similar, bringing together stories from my life experience and supplementing them with song.

    I wish you well in the fulfilment of your dreams.

    • This quote is perfect! 🙂

      Maybe it’s the time to read Dickens again? It might be hidden but his works are very positive!

      We should definitely get back to your vlogging stuff some time :))

      Thank you, Robin! <3

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