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The language of music: The Rasmus

I started this music series with HIM and the next band I’d like to proclaim my love to is also Finnish and legendary – The Rasmus.

This passion also goes back to 2005 but, for some reason, I got a feel of their music a little bit later than of HIM’s one. Although, when I did, The Rasmus became my favourite band in the whole world. For that period of time 🙂

The first album I dived into was “Dead Letters”. Unsurprisingly – “In the shadows” was a huge hit back in the day (and still is, I guess). Oh that album… It was love at first sight! Every song was like a remedy and support for my teenage heart. And, as we all know, teenage hearts are usually bleeding and burnt 🙂 “Dead Letters” was on repeat in my CD-player; I’m amazed that the CD is still in a pretty good condition, even though I was listening to it nonstop. “Time to burn” was a go-to song before school, “Still standing” was good for car rides… I have cherished memories of every single one of them. “Funeral song” stands out here; I have no idea why but it gets me every time. The guys still include it in their gigs and I can’t help shedding a tear every time. Later, when “Dead Letters” wasn’t enough, I got my hands on other albums as well and was more than happy 🙂 I guess, with their songs came the realization how all this music stuff was (is!) important to me.

Speaking of their importance, here’s the list:

1) For the first time in my life I felt real, tangible support of music; it’s always comforting to know that you’re not alone with all your thoughts

2) I continued discovering Finland because of the obvious reasons 🙂

3) I decided to have a proper CD collection; it still exists and is one of my most treasured possessions 🙂

4) Lauri Ylönen was my first serious teenage celebrity crush and I discovered that I might have had a type :)) and, potentially, a soft spot for Finnish men 🙂

5) As with HIM, I got a lot linguistically – I wasn’t comfortable if there were unfamiliar words in the song is I loved

Basically, there are lots of memories connected with their music. Not all of them are positive – I feel like my brain doesn’t let me go anywhere near some of those things, they’re blocked. But all of the moments were so intense that I wouldn’t change them for the world.

A separate point is their gigs. Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to any when I was young but later in life, having all these memories and feelings, it was ten times more intense. What a tragedy it was when I missed HIM/The Rasmus gig in 2005! But that dream came true almost ten years later and oh my god! Hearing “Bittersweet” live is still a dream, though.
The latest gig I went to was last week here in St. Petersburg and I can say it’s the best one so far! Thank you, guys, for staying so brilliant <3 You’ll always have a special place in my heart.

If you’re new to this band, here’re my favourites for a start: Last Waltz, Time to burn, Liquid, Justify, Sail away. If you’re also a fan, like I am, please, share your thoughts and love in the comments 🙂

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