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Interview with the one & only Samu Haber (Sunrise Avenue)

What a note to start my rebranding 🙂


The fall of 2017 was a significant period for one of the most successful Finnish bands – Sunrise Avenue (everyone remembers Fairytale gone bad, don’t you?). The guys have released their new album, Heartbreak Century, which has been very well-received by the audience. It was followed up with a sold out tour which will continue in spring. As a part of the promo Samu Haber – the frontman of the band – agreed to answer some questions of the Russian fan club.

[S – Samu, A – Alena]

A: Hello Samu! First things first, all your Russian fans would like to congratulate you and the guys on your new baby. Heartbreak Century has been very well received by your Russian audience; hence the most trending question among our community is the following: Is Sunrise Avenue planning to visit Russia in this tour?

S: We really hope so! There are many plans on the strategy table right now and sure we’d love to come back to Russia and to live some more amazing moments with the crowds there again.

A: The tour has started in a very intense and intimate way – in clubs. How is it different from performing in larger venues?

S: Well it’s been a while since we’ve been on stage anyways so everything feels quite amazing. But after releasing a new album it’s special being so close to the people to see how they already sing and live the new songs with us. Clubs are great and intimate, but of course it’ll be cool hitting the arena stages in the spring too.

A: Your fans truly appreciate that you stay true to yourself and your music. But have you ever had any doubts or intentions to dramatically change what you do?

S: I guess I couldn’t do this if I weren’t true to how I feel. Every album is different and these times are new before and after the release and life around you effects on the outcome. I or we never think about trends or what would sell or succeed. It’s pure passion and honest stuff or nothing. In the long run I believe that’s the only way.

A: Heartbreak Century is a very inspiring and empowering album which gives many of us so much needed motivation. Does it affect you the same way it affects the audience? Do you have any other things which help you stay on track?

S: I must say I never went this deep into my soul writing songs before. So actually the whole album is about what happened to me the last 18 months, like a therapy diary. It was a very lonely road writing the tunes, but somehow the happiness, and sorrow too, got off my system with these songs. I’m very happy if the songs can help someone else to reflect their emotions and help them on everyday life matters.

A: Both Flag and Point of no return convey the idea of running and leaving everything behind, what in a way correlates with Prisoner in Paradise. Do you think that this constant urge to run has more advantages or disadvantages?

S: Sometimes in life you just feel like you gotta run away. Prisoner In Paradise, to me, is more depressed and melancholic when Flag and Point Of No return have this kind of a cool faith element that everything will be ok. I like the two new songs much more, even though Prisoner In paradise is also a deep great track.

A: The song Room is very sweet and gentle and triggers a question – do you truly believe in love at first sight?

S: Absolutely. People have always searched for love and somehow when we’re lonely, we seem to have a stupid idea of what we would fall in love with. Brunet, Blonde, age, height, hobbies, etc. But when it hits you nothing and everything makes sense at the same time. This has happened to me and it’s the coolest feeling in your heart.

A: Having released the album, are you thinking of any new projects? Maybe recording any singles in Finnish? Since Vain Elämää has been such a successful project and given the fans such gems as Joutsenlaulu, Hiljaisuus and Satuprinsessa.

S: The Finnish TV experiment was extremely inspiring and I’m so happy I joined the show. And I’m also doing the Voice in Germany, but other than that, there’s no other projects right now. The new baby album is just out so I wanna focus on that now for some time.

A: Speaking of other projects, what has The Voice of Germany given you on a personal and professional level? Or has it anyhow changed your outlook on any things?

S: It has given so much. Not only has it boosted Sunrise Avenue on the next level in Central Europe and given me a massive chance to promote my band, it’s also shown me how much I love doing TV stuff. I think I will do some kind of TV work as long as there are opportunities available.

A: In conclusion, we would like to congratulate you on another important thing happening this year – Suomi 100. Are you planning any special celebrations? (PS: The interview was supposed to be released last year)

S: I guess we gotta figure something out. Honestly we’ve been super busy with Heartbreak Century and there has been no time thinking of birthday parties of our home country. But sure we will celebrate it somehow.

A: Thank you very much for your time. Hopefully, we will see all of you guys next year in Russia.


Special thanks to SA management for cooperation.

The interview for the Russian audience is published here:


PS: I’m happy and honoured to present this interview on my blog because without the certain lines of Heartbreak Century all this wouldn’t be happening. Kiitos, guys.


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  • I really enjoyed reading this interview. There are some very well-thought out and insightful questions, which resulted in very informative answers. Thank you.

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