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5 phrases that show people trust you

Have you ever wondered whether certain people consider you a trusty person?
Here are the phrases that definitely signify it.

  • “You are a great listener”.

We all want to be heard so if you’re told that, the first step to a trusting relationship has been made.


  • “Could you help with a decision/a choice I need to make?”/ “I need your advice”.

This phrase means people rely on your judgements and see you as a trustworthy person.


  • “I’ve never told it to anyone/ I don’t share this with everyone”.

It’s a very obvious thing. We won’t trust random people with private information.


  • “Let’s travel together!”

You wouldn’t ask anyone to join you on an exciting adventure, would you?


  • “I trust you”.

It means what it means; please, pay attention when people tell you this 🙂

Can you think of any other phrases? How do you usually understand that people trust you?
Share your thoughts in the comments 🙂

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